MAN!!!!!!   What a beautiful weekend for RC Racing at The RC Pit Supercross.....  Chris Smith with the East Coast RC Off-Road Series did one Heck of a job this past weekend guys.  Thanks to him, and his sons for putting on a great show for us at The RC Pit!  The track was HOOKED UP!  Even blue grooved thru the Woops, lol.... Some very close racing in all the classes.  Great to see all of you again, and looking forward to next month.  Guys and Gals, if you haven't had a chance to catch one of the East Coast RC Off-Road Series races, it's a MUST DO!   Make plans to attend....

Great Weekend of RC Racing... East Coast RC Off-Road Series

"TNT"  Nitro Nationals"                                                                             

July 4th & 5th

2014"MARCH MADNESS" What a GREAT Race!!!                                                                            

March 14th & 15th

July 4th & 5th... The RC Pit Supercross
will be the place to be.  The 2014 TNT
"Nitro Nationals"  coming to The Pit for
some exciting racing all around.  Make
plans now!  From Nitro Buggy to SCT
2WD and 4X4, this will be the place to race on July 4th weekend...

MAN!!!  It was so great to see everyone again.... Great Racing to start off the 2014 Season at The RC Pit. It's going to take a few races to get me back in the groove here guys... But all in all, I think everyone who came had a great time. Thanks for all the text and emails with your support.  Looking forward to seeing all of you again soon.  Results will now be posted on the Schedule page of this website only.  It's taken some time to work all this out, but I think we have it down now....

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The Carolina  "SpecTECHular "                                                                                                        
April 11th & 12th          

The RC Pit is proud to present to you a race format unprecedented before on the East Coast. This race is intended to put the "Racing" back into RC. With a format geared towards keeping the entire event exciting, it also allows you, the racer, more competitive track time for your money.  As if this wasn't exciting enough, a tire technicality will be placed on this race to keep the strategy ALIVE!  Brandon Melton has come on board as race director to ensure the event is well organized and deliver what racers expect of a high class event.  Details for the event can be found on the Carolina RC Forums.  We look forward to seeing the racers battle it out throughout the day to see who can manage this unique format the best....


May 9th & 10th
MAY 9th & 10th